19 Sep 2023

Let’s pull back the curtain. The buzzword on the street is ‘deinfluencing’. What happens when influencers take a sharp turn and call out a brand or product? That’s deinfluencing, right there. And yes, while it can feel like a slap in the face, it’s a reality check for marketers. It’s the universe telling brands, “Time to get real”.

Understanding the ‘Deinfluencer’

Picture this: An influencer being transparent, genuine, and authentic. Not just pushing products for a paycheck, but keeping it 100% with their audience. That’s your “deinfluencer”. It’s not about just trash-talking brands but bridging the gap between hyped-up marketing and reality. Brands, the ball’s in your court now. Steer clear of over-the-top promises. Cut the fluff. Keep your marketing straight, honest, and in sync with the product’s true capabilities.

Edu-Content: Lighting the Path

How about flipping the script? Instead of scrambling to put out fires when deinfluencing happens, brands could light the way by being proactive. Make it your mission to educate. If a product has complexities, break it down. If misconceptions are swirling around, clear the air. And video content? It’s golden. Think concise, punchy, and compelling videos that convey the real essence of your product, addressing pain points head-on. It’s like giving your audience the roadmap before they even think of asking.

Embrace Micro-Influencers: Small but Mighty

Okay, you’ve faced deinfluencing. What next? It’s micro-influencer time. Their audiences may be smaller, but their words pack a punch. They’re relatable, genuine, and most importantly, trusted. Want to change the narrative? Partner up with these micro maestros. Offer them real stories, honest feedback, and let them be the genuine voice of your brand.

Community Ties: The Authentic Bond

Community management isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the bedrock of building trust. Get down to ground zero. Engage with your community, respond to their queries, and most importantly, listen. A strong community is like an armor shielding you against the waves of deinfluencing. Build it, nurture it, and let it thrive.

Redefining the Message

Deinfluencing isn’t the apocalypse of brand image. See it as feedback. It’s a mirror reflecting the areas you need to polish, refine, or maybe even overhaul. Dive deep, reevaluate, and come back stronger with a message that resonates with truth and authenticity.

Bassam Mustafa – Managing Partner, Nine71