26 Oct 2023
In the early days of digital marketing, platforms like Instagram and TikTok were just budding ideas, and the mantra was clear: cast a wide net and capture as many eyes as possible. Brands aimed for viral moments, hoping that their messages would resonate with the masses. But as platforms like Instagram and TikTok surged in...
24 Oct 2023
As the event season kicks off in the UAE with the opening of Global Village, brands are on the hunt for innovative ways to engage with their audience on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With Gen Z leading the charge in social media engagement, understanding their motivations behind participating in viral challenges becomes crucial. Understanding...
19 Oct 2023
Influencer longevity isn’t merely about maintaining a follower count; it’s a meticulous journey where influencers evolve, adapt, and consistently engage their audience in a digital world that never stops changing. The digital landscape is a tumultuous sea of trends, platforms, and audience behaviors, where influencers must sail skillfully to remain relevant and trusted. Balancing Act:...
16 Oct 2023
Virtual influencers are making waves in the digital space, offering brands a unique blend of control and creativity in their marketing strategies. These computer-generated personas, acting with the same intentionality as their human counterparts, have found a niche in the metaverse, providing a fresh canvas for brands and creators to paint their narratives. But the...
11 Oct 2023
In-house branding by influencer agencies in the UAE presents a fascinating intersection of influencer marketing
09 Oct 2023
Micro-influencers are carving out a significant niche, becoming an important part of the influencer community. These everyday social media enthusiasts, who are not celebrities or widely-known influencers, exude a genuine and approachable vibe that makes them accessible. They are ordinary individuals, utilizing their social media platforms to share what they are genuinely passionate about, thereby...
04 Oct 2023
Empower Content Creators with strategic insights for 2024, focusing on UAE and Saudi Arabia's dynamic demographics
02 Oct 2023
Discover why brand ambassadors offer authenticity, long-term commitment, and community-building, making them essential for brand promotion in today's market
27 Sep 2023
In the ever-evolving digital landscape of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, a new influencer trend is on the cusp of emerging and poised to take the spotlight: Day Traders who livestream. As the world of finance and social media converge, these traders are not just sharing their expertise but are becoming the...
25 Sep 2023
Maximize brand reach by strategically partnering with the right content creators versus influencers. Unlock potential now.